You are born each spring

as the ice acquiesces to the sun.

For weeks, maybe a month

you are as smooth and

pure as new skin.


Adolescence starts in June

when the lily pads start

experimenting with independence, and

suddenly you bloom into fullness

as the reeds tower along your shores

for a time of glory. Continue reading “Lake”

silence keepers

silence keepers

Sitting here, on the couch, listening to the clock tick, makes me wonder if I am afraid of silence; of being idle; of stillness.  I always encourage others to cultivate that empty space – that quiet well – for themselves, but do I do it for myself? The pull to constantly be reading or figuring out a problem or checking for a message or writing a blog post (*ahem) or vacuuming or making something better, or cleaner, or more worthwhile…the pull to be productive in some form – to be doing something, always – is strong.  Sometimes almost always, it’s too strong, and I give in to the pull; the allure of constant engagement or stimulation or growth or value creation.  The desire to always have something to show for how I am spending my time.  Proof of worth.  Validation that I am thinking or doing important things that matter.  Ensuring I am making something of myself.   Being the one who always knows the answer or who can figure it out, or refer you to someone who can. Continue reading “silence keepers”