Taking Up Space: Going to the Edges

Taking Up Space: Going to the Edges

Right now I am coaching almost all women, all who desire to lose weight, whether the goal is 5 or 75 pounds. They echo each other:

I want to feel good in my clothes.

I want to feel confident in my appearance.

I want to have more energy.

I want to keep up with my children, my job, my life.

I want to take up space in a way that feels right and good.

No one has actually said that last one, but it’s what I hear them all saying. We all want to matter, to feel like we are doing what we want to be doing.  We all want to feel like we have the confidence we need to live the life we have been given.  Continue reading “Taking Up Space: Going to the Edges”


Success Comes Quietly

Success Comes Quietly

When was the last time you felt successful?  Perhaps it was graduation from college.  High school? When you landed your first “real” job?  Or got a promotion?  Or a raise?  Or perhaps that time you won the 100 meter hurdles at the state meet.  Maybe when you published your book? When you finished the series and every book was a best seller? Maybe when you got the lead role in a play.  Or in a movie.   Or when you got a great advance or contract.  Or perhaps when you heard your parent say, “I’m proud of you.”  Or when you received public acknowledgement that you are a person of value to the company.  Maybe it was when someone noticed you’d lost 30 pounds.  Or cleared up your skin, or got some new clothes. Maybe the last time you felt successful was when when you got a gold star on an assignment in fifth grade, or scored a basket in a junior high pick-up game.

Or maybe you are still waiting for that successful feeling because success has seemingly eluded you so far.  Maybe you think that success just isn’t in the cards.   That feeling of success can be awfully slippery.  It can show up at your door like the popular guy that everyone wants to date, make you feel like a princess for a week and then disappear in a cloud of exhaust when you don’t follow the script or when you stop paying attention to what matters to you. The quest toward “feeling successful” can leave you wondering where your life went when you were looking around the corner for something else. Continue reading “Success Comes Quietly”