The Freedom To Improvise

The Freedom To Improvise

“Attachment guarantees that you will wake up every morning with a mission: to prove you are who you think you are—today. But it’s a total energy drain. You’re so busy performing a role that you miss out on the freedom to improvise, to be real rather than rehearsed.”
― Gabrielle Roth

As a new week begins and you return to the desk or the cash register or the carpool line after a few days away from the daily grind, take a moment to reflect.  How’s your energy today?  Is it low because you are trying to live up to the expectations that you revive each morning?  Did it start high and then start to seep like a dam with a slow leak because you started role playing instead of living your own story?  Or, maybe it’s the same as it always is, a dull hum that you wish would start to pulse to the beat that you know is in you somewhere.

However your…

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Notice the Light

Notice the Light
Notice the light in the foggy morning haze that whispers common secrets into the breaking dawn.
Notice the light in steps taken over roots and around pebbles, over logs and through icy rain.
Notice the light in the leaves of seasons now past as they surrender into a path for whomever needs one.
Notice the light in ancient boulders that sit, watching, with emerald moss and sea green lichens as their constant companions.
Notice the light in rushing torrents of spring that churn and thunder down ravines that ache to come fully into life.
Notice the light in melancholy, in the moods that we don’t want and in the space that is held for such contrast.
Notice the light that persists through impermanence.