pretend there’s a string

attached to your head,

pulling it toward the ceiling.


roll your shoulders back

enjoy the crunching sound

your shoulder blades make

after a morning of hunching forward.


go outside for a few minutes

if you can spare the time.

perhaps even

keeping company with birds and

trees and other wild things.


take a deep breath

deep into your abdomen,

hold it for three seconds

and then breathe out.


repeat as often as necessary.


when you feel out of tune,

check in with your physical body,

and the body of the earth.


feel the air going in and

out of your nose.

remember you are a living,

breathing human animal.



2 thoughts on “How To Work

  1. Lovely encapsulation of the simple beauty of a break from work to the outside, reminding us that no matter how high-tech and domesticated our lives may be we are all still beautiful, wild animals. Thank you.

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