I’m in my childhood hometown of Brookings, South Dakota this long labor day weekend.  This morning I ran down to the river banks of the Big Sioux, my legs remembering the hundreds of other times I’ve run down this road to start the day.  The wind hadn’t picked up yet, and the sun was glinting off the still wet with dew prairie grass and ditch sunflowers.  Even though the view on this little jog has changed over the years – the old gravel road now dead ends at the river, the bridge now years demolished; the two new huge houses on either side of the family homestead; the fences and new driveways where we used to roam free – despite these surface changes, the energy underneath, the whisper of the prairie as the world wakes up and the ancient undulation of the landscape, remains unchanged.  It’s always good to come home, even though I no longer live here.

But anyway, I came to release the first copies of Woodland Manitou: To Be on Earth out into the world…or at least out into the hands of some folks of eastern South Dakota.  Yesterday I set up shop across from my dad’s Hillside Prairie Gardens booth at the farmer’s market, and it was an early morning of loading up the market van, helping dad set up all the veggies (hello tomato season!) into their display boxes, positioning the books so they looked inviting, and chatting with the other vendors.  There’s something about the farmer’s market.  It’s a good place to spend some time on a Saturday morning, and I always appreciate the opportunity to be part of the community that helped inform how I see the world.

I’ve had my author copies for a few weeks now, so having the physical books around was nothing new, but handing them over to people who came to purchase it was a little surreal.  As all authors probably say (or at least think at some point) I hope they like it and tell all of their friends.  I’m glad I chose to do the first release in this place.  Returning to your roots is usually a good choice, at least for me.

And people also like it when you give them free baked goods, so I baked a bunch of scones.

Because you really can’t beat a good book, a freshly made scone, and a hot cup of fair trade coffee.

So, thanks to all for coming out, and here’s a glimpse at the first foray of Woodland Manitou into the hands of the reader.

“Perfect morning of yoga @prairiesoulstudio and shopping @brookingsfarmersmarket! Don’t forget to pick up Heidi Barr’s new book, Woodland Manitou!”

“I love Saturday morning because it brings the @brookingsfarmersmarket in the warmer months. It was lovely to talk to @embodyabundance and purchase a signed copy of her book. She also bakes amazing scones! “

“Being able to spend Saturday morning in Brookings is always such a treat. Love getting to start my day by leading an enthusiastic group of yogis through a sweaty power sequence, coffee from @koolbeanscoffee, and delicious items from the @brookingsfarmersmarket (@hillsideprairiegardens and Cottleston Bread) Excited to dive into @embodyabundance’s new book on my drive today! (Not pictured: the tasty scone I devoured before making it home 😆)”


Next up is the official “Launch” Celebration at Simple Living LLC, in Osceola Wisconsin.  September 23rd. 2:30-5pm.  Open House.  There will be snacks, the waterfall next door will be running, the Watershed Cafe will be open, the apples at the local orchard will be ready, and I hope to see you there.  It’s not the community of my roots, but it’s the community that I call home these days, and my roots have been transplanted there and are doing pretty well.  Turns out you can have more than one community that feels right.

If you can’t make any of the physical events, and still want a copy, never fear.  You can pre-order now, or better yet visit your local indie bookstore and request they stock the book.

Cheers to good energy, new books, and the gift of always being able to come home again.

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