I live in Minnesota.  You may have gleaned that bit of information from other blog posts on this site by now, but in case you are new here, the land of ten thousand lakes is the place I currently call home.  Right now it’s May. A glorious month in a state that has a long winter and a spring that usually gets either a slow start or a false one.  That’s what we had this year: a false start of a spring.  It was almost 90 degrees for one day in April, with lots of days in the 60s and 70s to boot.  Things started growing fast, buds popped out and flowers started hinting at blooming.  We rejoiced, threw open the windows, got the boats ready, tilled up the fields….and then it got cold.  The starter’s gun fired a second shot.  A chilly few weeks of rain punctuated with a few nights in the low 30s made us a little nervous.  But we covered things up and life went on, despite the curveball that climate change likes to throw now and then.  We toed the line again, and and now it’s 75 degrees, we are running strong and the forecast for the next ten days looks just about perfect.

Today started with a trail run on the bluffs of the St. Croix River, followed by a garden planting marathon, a meal of fresh asparagus with lemon thyme, and a leisurely evening stroll amidst the newly planted seedlings.   The mosquitoes have yet to hatch in full force, there are still no deer flies, and the loons are on the lake sending their haunting cries out into the night as the full moon rises.  You can hear the reflection the fullness of the moon casts on the lake as the energy of the earth moves through another cycle and shifts into a higher gear.

So, it’s May in Minnesota.  The full moon is rising, birds of all sorts are eager to continue filling the air with their songs, and frogs chirp and chuckle at all hours of the day.  The forest floor is a dense carpet of vibrantly green foliage again after months of brown and white and dormancy. It’s a time of planting seeds, of nourishment, of newness, and of growth.  It’s a time of shockingly bright grass and apple trees that like to flaunt their pink blossoms.  It’s the return of of dirt under your fingernails and the feel of soil between your toes.  The icy and muddy part of spring is over for now, and life is in full swing again.  If you pay attention, you can sense what parts of yourself want to emerge right alongside everything else.

What do you love about May?

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