I’ve been working with Alissa Wild and Kevin Park, the co-visionaries of We Are Wildness since January, and over the past eight months I’ve found nothing but inspiration, authenticity and a genuine presence from both of them as they continue furthering the mission to help people embrace their inner wildness and improve the health of the planet by inspiring people all over the world to reconnect with Nature.  They currently call Vancouver Island, British Columbia home, from a little cabin on the shores of a mountain fed river.  I live in Minnesota, near the St. Criox River Valley, almost 2000 miles to the east in the United States.  And recently an Ambassador program was started, and these wild souls hail from Slovenia to Colorado to the Canadian Rockies and back to Vancouver again, spreading Thoreau’s sentiment that “in wildness is the preservation of the world.” Things expand even further if we look to the online communities that have come into being on social media.  From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, you’ll see people rewilding on almost every continent. I appreciate the vision that invites technology to serve as a catalyst fostering a return to our roots and how that vision has taken hold literally all over the world as the idea of “rewilding” gains momentum.

I could go on, but in short, I’m excited about what already is, what is coming into being as the present moments unfold and for the potential that exists as we continue to create and hold space for people in all walks of life to embrace what it means to live as part of the Earth.  And one of my favorite projects to date is the online educational hub that is starting to take off:

We Are Wildness U is an online learning center for those who want to learn with Nature, about Nature and from Nature. Courses are infused with the wisdom that is found in the wildness of the natural world as well as the lessons that can be gleaned from making living close to the natural world a priority. Course instructors bring expertise from a myriad of Nature related fields to those who are called to learn in a new and connected way.


We Are Wildness University opened its online doors in June, and there are five courses to choose from at present.  You can Rewild Your Life in the 30 day challenge, get into the Wild Body program to refresh your nutrition and physical activity approach, spend some time Inviting Renewal by setting goals, tune into what you need to truly light up your life in Lessons in Being Alive, or simply check out the free course, an introduction to wild and free living.  A six week challenge geared toward children, a course in nature photography and a whole host of other great offerings are on deck to launch in the months to come.  But regardless the course, you’ll find solid information, compassionate instructors who are devoted to a life attuned to the Earth’s rhythms and a community of other humans who are invested in grounded living on this planet that we call home.

I hope you join us, either by simply going outside on a regular basis and encouraging others to do the same, or by checking out WAWU and the other online offerings and groups.   Here’s to wild living in a modern world.

Note: In the months since this post was published, a Foraging course for beginners, Landscape Photography, and Wild Child: Rewilding Childhood were added.  The Art of Living Wild and a tracking course will be available soon!

One thought on “We Are Wildness

  1. Are those their real last names, “Wild” and “Park?” Funny.
    Great stuff here! I can’t wait to check it all out. I wish I had gone to school for something like this, so I could name every tree, plant, bird, cloud… so much to appreciate and learn about!

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