The following was shared with me recently by a fellow wellness coach, and it’s an adaptation of a story that was shared with her by one of the individuals she’s been working with over the last few months.  It’s a story of new beginnings, of being truly present in the moment, of accepting what is, of finding resilience in the midst of chaos and of letting negativity wash away as gratitude fills in the empty space left in its wake. 

Last week, I threw some painting supplies into the truck and headed down to the shore in search of some peace.   After pulling up to the white sandy beach and poking around for a few minutes trying to decide where to set up, I got a call from my daughter, warning me of a huge storm that was headed our way. I hung up thinking I had at least a half hour to do a bit of painting before the rain started to fall –the dark clouds were still a ways out on the horizon.   Turns out storm clouds can move fast.  As I started to put brush to canvas, light sprinkles started to fall.  I thought about gathering my supplies and heading home, but something stopped me from doing it.  I decided to stay in the moment and let the rain come down.  The sprinkles kept falling and I kept painting.  And then come down it did — those light sprinkles turned into buckets of water that gushed over me like waves.  I stopped painting and just stood there, paint brush at my side, looking out over the water. I thought about how the other day we’d talked about how water can be cleansing, and with that idea in my mind, I stayed in the now and let the rain wash me clean.  All the negative energies and  thoughts that had been swirling around in my head, pinning me down and peppering my reality with toxicity poured off, leaving rivers in the sand as they melted into the sea.  My mind was left with a quiet calm, despite the storm that was starting to rage around me.

I only lasted 7 minutes standing there in the storm by the edge of the churning sea.  Soon enough  I packed up  and pointed the truck toward home.  And the astonishing thing is, even though the torrents of rain had completely destroyed what I had started to paint, when I look at it now, all I can see is a beautiful rendition of a figure dancing in the rain.  I’m going to hang it in my living room to remind me of the transformations that are possible.

I have begun painting a reality that truly defines who I  choose to be.  I am reconnecting with my authentic self and recreating the woman that I am. 

If we let them, the uncertainties, the uncomfortable situations and the inconvenient moments can invite healing and renewal into our lives.   Sometimes it’s the rain’s turn, and we just need to let it fall.





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