In order to free our world from its present nightmare of materialism and exploitation, we need a new story—a story of oneness and interdependence, of cooperation rather than competition. But to make this transition we need a power, the magic that belongs to life itself. How can we find this magic to give birth to a new story of oneness, of the earth as a living, self-sustaining whole, full of beauty and wonder?  

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee goes on to say, “The next story is not going to be just a human story, and it’s not going to be on our terms.”  It’s going to be on the earth’s terms, and it’s going to validate that we humans are not separate from or above or more important than nature. The current story that we are embedded in heralds consumerism, wealth and getting ahead as the road to a successful and happy life.  This story has a powerful pull – it has demonstrated the power to change the physical world beyond recognition in too many cases, and it has demonstrated the power to entice the collective of humanity to turn a blind eye to the cry of the earth.   We have poured ourselves into this current story with abandon and it can be hard to feel the new one that wants to emerge.

I don’t know if humanity will step into the power that we have to birth this new story.  Maybe it will start to emerge in my lifetime, and maybe it won’t.  I hope it does.  But, despite the unknowns that thrive as the world economy continues to dictate so many people’s decisions, what I do know is that there is magic to be seen in the sparkling of the snow on a cold afternoon in February as the sun sinks low enough to cast shadows across the frozen waters.  There is magic to be heard in the cardinal song that pierces the dawn and echoes in my memory long after the bird moves out of range.  There is magic to be felt in the north wind that whistles across the fields. There is magic to be remembered in the thorn bushes that bow under the weight of a world that often doesn’t see their beauty and their life.

There is a new story under the old one.  It provides the very foundation from which we evolved, and I have to know that we will come back to it.  Someday.

Image by Noelle Pawlowski


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