Why is it that when one little thing during the day goes wrong, it is so easy to focus on that one little thing?  For me, it’s easy to fixate on that one individual that I talked to during the work day who was in a bad mood, was snippy with me on the phone or was upset about something that I couldn’t help them with.  It’s easy to keep going back to that ten minute chunk of the day and re-live it, ruminate in it and let it turn from a ten minute incident into a two hour event in my mind.  And I don’t think I’m alone in this tendancy.  There have been countless self- help books written about “not sweating the small stuff.”  And yet.  The cycle is hard to break.  The six o’clock news, a Facebook news feed, an old fashioned newspaper, or NPR, media of all kinds and even our casual conversations are peppered with negatives.  What is it about negative energy that is so enticing that we get swept away in it on a regular basis?

You might say “well, we are only human, and humans aren’t perfect.”  Which is true, in one sense-we are far from what we usually deem “perfect”.  But as humans we are also made as an image of God – whether that God is viewed through a Christian lens, a Buddhist lens, a mystic lens or a “I have no idea what I really believe” lens.  I’m inclined to think that even those who view God through a lens of disbelief are still created in the same image.  And God is not ruminating with negative energy.  God is filled to bursting with light and love – which means that we as humans are, too.  But it can be all too easy to let that light and love get shoved to the background by the negative energy that has gotten adept at finding little cracks to seep through into many aspects of life on earth.

Negative energy seeping through cracks and into life isn’t a nice image – the good news is that it doesn’t have to be our image. Perhaps if we take the negative energy that does find us and recognize it for what it is – energy, though manifesting in a less than ideal form – we can stop the seeping.  A water leak can only be stopped if it’s recognized.  If we don’t recognize and really look at the negative energy that seeps in, it will just keep seeping. But if we can see it, know it and put the light and love that is at our core into it, the negative energy will fade.  Maybe it will even turn into something else, something brighter and more alive than we can imagine right now.  Maybe what’s so enticing about negative energy is that it can be changed.

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